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You want to be healthy, right? That's why you get up on those early morning runs, that's why you think twice before having a piece of Stacey's birthday cake, that's why you do the most basic of things like brush your teeth and take showers. Those are all areas of health that society has accepted and agreed to invest time and effort in. However, there's a major area of health people pay very little attention too: your emotional health.
Whether it's losing out on a promotion, sabotaging a romantic relationship, or just feeling like you don't belong, greater emotional awareness will help you take preventative measures to deal with these problems before they occur.
The Barton Blueprint for Emotional Intelligence was made to help solve these emotional obstacles. Through a greater understanding of how emotions work, why they occur, and what we can do to change them, we can better manage ourselves and our inner worlds.

These video essays are easy to consume, well-researched pieces meant both to inform and entertain. Stay tuned every Monday for new episodes. 

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